Victini Is Available For A Limited Time!


Catch the Victory Pokémon Victini!

When Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version launch on March 6th, you can get a head start in collecting every Pokémon in the Unova region when you receive the Liberty Pass. The Liberty Pass is an item you can use in your game to hop aboard a ship and sail to a location where you can catch the Mythical Pokémon Victini! Victini is a Fire- and Psychic-type Pokémon—the first of its kind. And Victini has the Victory Star Ability, which raises the accuracy of all your Pokémon in battle, so it's the perfect Pokémon for the Double Battles and Triple Battles you'll play!

Using the Liberty Pass is the only way you can receive Victini in your game—you won't encounter this awesome Pokémon in the wild. The chance to download the Liberty Pass won't be around long—you can receive it via the Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection service from March 6th through April 10th. Don't miss this chance—this is the only way you can get the Liberty Pass. Also, you can download the Liberty Pass as soon as you begin playing your new game, but you'll need to reach a certain point in the game before you can use it to catch Victini.

We'll have more details about Victini, as well as instructions on how to get the Liberty Pass, next month at the launch of Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version!

Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life Available On DVD!

Watch the exciting battles of Ash, Pikachu, and the Mythical Pokémon Arceus again and again on DVD!

When Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life first appeared, Pokémon fans tuned in to see an amazing story featuring incredible Pokémon such as Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and, of course, Arceus! Now Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life is available on DVD, so you can watch the excitement again and again! Discover the mysteries behind the destructive behavior of the Mythical Arceus, and watch the heroic acts of Ash and his friends as they try to restore peace to the world.

The Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life DVD is available at retailers across North America. Relive the adventures of Ash, Pikachu, and the Mythical Arceus today!

The Poll has Ended!

The poll below has now ended.  Here are the final results:

Staraptor:  5 votes,  83.3 %

Pidgeot:  1 vote,  16.7 %

The winner is:  STARAPTOR!

Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll.

Poll Is Now Going On Below!

If you're wondering, I have decided to do this poll to settle an unanswered question between me and a friend: Who is better, Staraptor or Pidgeot?  Please vote so I can finish this argument finally once and for all, because we both say one is better than the other, I say Staraptor, he says Pidgeot.  If you would be so kind as to vote for you're choice, I would definitely appreciate all votes from viewers.  You can only vote once and for one Pokemon out of the two.  Also, if you have a comment or any thoughts on the poll, feel free to click on the comment link after you vote(and don't worry about privacy violation with the name/ email blanks, and if you have a website, feel free to write down it's full address, and I'll check it out!), or, if you want to see the current votes, just click on the view results button, or just vote to see yourself added to the count of other voters!!  The poll will end July 10th, 2010.   

TCG Card Of the Day Under PokeFun

Under the PokeFun tab you can now find the TCG card of the week under the pokemon of the week thing if you're interested.

HS Undaunted Full Series Article

I now have a HS Undaunted section in the Pokemon Series tab with all the HS Undaunted news and info, Enjoy!

P.S.  Just as a added little something, I feel I should inform you of how slow is to post info.  I've known and had info on Hs Undaunted posted for almost two weeks now, and they just announced it yesterday.  To sum it all up in one sentence, it is that I have much newer and more new news far quicker than  Pokemon Universe Rules!!!

Pokedex Entries on Legendaries for Black and White

Under the video games section I have now the official PokeDex  entries for Reshiram and Zekrom, the legendaries for Black and White.

Another New Tab...  I Don't Know Whats Gotten Into Me...

I have decided to create another tab/page, this one a forum where you can sign up to become a member of Pokemon Universe, if you're a weebly member(you can always join for free) and make your own posts for everyone to see, but be careful,  any bad/horrible posts or comments and you WILL be banned from the site until further notice.  With that said and done, please enjoy the Forum!

Breaking News!

I have just gotten from a source that there are all new pokemon sets coming out!  Go to the New Pokemon Series tab to get this tremendous news now! 

New thing under PokeFun

Under the PokeFun tab, I have recently started the Pokemon Of The Week thing.  You'll have to look for yourself to see who it is!

Another New Tab

I have decided to make a Pokemon Video Game Page so that the Home page would not be so cluttered.  Feel free to check it out!

Another New Tab!!

I have also decided to make a FAQ, where you can post a question about Pokemon or the site, and then I'll get back to you with the answer as quickly as possible!  I think it's going to be a lot of fun and an enjoyment to hear what my viewers have to say, so feel free to comment away!

Brand New Tab!

I have decided to make a new tab called PokeFun to put some new things I have found on it.  There is not much yet, but there soon will be!  Stay tuned for new updates as they come along.

Pokedex Download

If you go under the Pokedex tab, you will find a download that will give you a full 1-498 pokemon Pokedex.

Remodeling Project

I have decided to organize the New Series Tab to make it easier to find series by giving each expansion/series a link which then goes to that series/expansion's own page, which then has all the information.  It may take a little bit, but it WILL get done. 

HeartGold and Soulsilver unleashed is Here!

In the New series tab is the full information on this brand new expansion in the Heartgold Soulsilver series!

New Pokemon Series!

In the New Pokemon Series tab there is now info on the upcoming HeartGold SoulSilver Unleashed Expansion that shouldn't be missed, including info on new Pokemon LEGENDS.

Tune in This Weekend For a Pokemon Marathon!

This weekend on Cartoon Network there will be a Pokemon The Johto Journeys Marathon at 10:00 am, viewing six original episodes back to back, and then the second Pokemon movie: Pokemon The Movie 2000 at 1:00 pm on March 13th, 2010.  For more information go to the pokemon news page.

New Link and Updates

A new pokemon site has come to my attention, called Pokemon Ember Another Road.  It is still a work in progress, but I think that given time to develop it will become a very nice site.  I encourage people to go and check it out and maybe even become a member.  Here is the link to it

I have also added new information on the Pokemon TCG addition HeartGold and SoulSilver


I've updated the pokemon news, new pokemon series, updated the Pokedex, and replaced and/or updated the pokemon music videos.  Enjoy.


If you noticed, there is a pokedex page.  I don't know how long it will take to finish, but when it's done, you can see info on all your favorite pokemon, from 1-493!

Pokemon Centers!

In Japan six new pokemon stores have opened, called pokemon centers!  In these stores, all that there is are pokemon games, toys, accessories, pokemon games, cards, and stuffed figures!  They are now in Toyko, Sappora, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Yokohama.  I think they are all awesome, and that it's also a sign that pokemon is really getting popular again!  Down below are some pictures of them.  

Pokemon Universe new look!

If your wondering about the new look, I changed it to this so I could personalize Pokemon Universe more, and no Pokeluvers, I didn't do this to copy you or anything, but you gave me the idea from your cool website.

New Pokemon site added!

I would like to mention the new site I have added to my Links page, called  I got an email from him requesting I put him on here with a link to his site and checked it out, and I thought it was awesome!  He had his own toolbar, banner, commercial, and a pokedex in progress.  If you want to know more, you can go look at his site for yourself, and do please level up his orphanage pokemon leafy, because it will hatch soon on July 13, 2009, and it would probably be better if it was a higher level when it hatched!

Pokemon Platinum Has Arrived!

Well, as you probably all know, the new Pokemon game Pokemon Platinum has arrived, since it was released on March 22nd, a Sunday.  First off one new thing about it is that you can finally have Shaymin Sky Form, courtesy of the Gardacia flower, Giratina Origin Form, and the four new Rotom forms!  Also it will be more interactive than the rest of the pokemon games too i think, and it also promises an all new sinnoh adventure!

Also, new music in the Pokemon Music center.

Create your own banner at!
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Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia is Here!

Two years ago, Pokemaniacs got not one, but two, spinoff games to tide them over until Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were released. Both of those spinoff games, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Ranger, got sequels this year. Both entries into their respective series are nearly identical to their prequels, but Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia still stands as the more energetic and slightly more fun of the two. It just might not be fun enough to buy the same exact game over again.

This new Pokemon Ranger doesn't feel like a full blown sequel, more like a Special Edition of the first game, and fans are going to see a much more of the same. Shadows of Almia keeps the same theme of putting the player in the shoes of a Pokemon Ranger, someone that rescues and helps Pokemon instead of using them to battle. The Rangers recruit Pokemon in the wild to help them, while rescuing injured or endangered ones. The Pokemon are only kept for as long as they're needed, then released back into the wild.

Pokemon are befriended using a Styler, a device that lassos the Pokemon with a beam of energy (and conveys feelings of friendship and happy thoughts, it's all very scientific). Players use the stylus to quickly scribble circles around the critter they're trying to capture. There is a slight switch up this time around. Instead of having to complete a required number of uninterrupted loops, players now fill up a capture meter with every circle. The meter will go down if it is not continuously filled, but it does give players the ability to dodge attacks and avoid damage easier, as well as follow the quicker animals that tend to run around the screen. This does make capturing somewhat easier, though for the larger bosses there's still plenty of challenge trying to fill that meter up.

From sea to dry land, Pokemon be misbehaving everywhere.

Scribbling circles on the touch screen is fun for a while, though it gets tedious. There are strategic elements, but it's all ultimately the same thing. The design was fun when it was new and original, but a lot of the magic has been lost. Still, for new players this is a fun and different gameplay element that hasn't been beaten into the ground quite yet.

Just like in the previous game your Ranger has a partner Pokemon that always stays by your side. Whereas in the first game players only got to choose between the identical Minun and Plusle, Shadows of Almia features 17 different partner Pokemon. Pachirisu, Kricketot, Starly, Munchlax, and Cranidos are just some of the offered partners. Players can only have one equipped at a time, but as they progress through the game they earn new ones that they can switch out. There's one Pokemon for every element type, so if there's any one element players always want to have as an assist move they have that option.

This time around the Rangers are investigating these mysterious machines that have hypnotized wild Pokemon. The evil Team Dim Sun (terrible pun, guys) has been placing them all over the region. Players have to destroy the machines using befriended Pokemon's skills. The game's storyline is extremely linear. Players will be presented with mysterious mission that nearly always end up being Dim Sun and the mysterious machines. They destroy them and report back. Repeat for most of the game. There are side quests which is a new addition to the series. By completing tasks for the townsfolk, players can upgrade their Styler and earn new partner Pokemon. The quests are optional for the most part, and they really don't offer anything new for gameplay. It's usually something like rescuing a specific Pokemon or clearing logs from the road. It's all the same things you do in the normal missions.

The only other major difference are the new locales, and it's here that the game actually feels different. Missions require players to travel all over the Almia region, and the first new area you explore is actually underwater. Your ranger goes scuba diving, meeting and capturing the various ocean dwelling Pokemon. It plays nearly identically to dry land, but it's a heck of a lot cooler than just going to various dry land areas.

There just isn't a lot of new stuff in this game, so returning players are going to be very familiar with it, which makes the absurdly long tutorial all the more tedious. There's no way to skip the tutorial because it's embedded in the story. It takes hours to finish up and the game doesn't really get started until that happens. If there were a bunch of new elements to discuss, more than just a mildly tweaked Styler control, then sure, school me on the ways of the Ranger. But I did this already, and honestly, scribbling circles around Pokemon is not a difficult idea to wrap my brain around.

And for Pokemon fans that liked the ability to download new missions over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, that feature is back. The previous Pokemon Ranger allowed players to actually acquire Manaphy for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by connecting the two games and transferring data. It was a neat feature that, while an obvious marketing ploy, was a definite draw for beating the game. The developers brought that feature back, but it's still Manaphy that you get for doing it. You can also get a Riolu, but that's a Pokemon everyone gets during the actual RPG adventure, so it's just not particularly exciting.

This is the cover of the new game Pokemon Rangers: Shadows of Almia!

This is a cool picture I found.  It shows the Boy Character from Pokemon Rangers: Shadows of Almia, riding on an Empoleon smashing through ice to get somewhere important!

Pokemon the 11th Movie:Giratina and the bounquet of the Sky:Shaymin

You all see that long article I wrote is about Pokemon Platinum. Well, the only reason that game was created was because the Pokemon Movie: Giratina and the Bonquet of the Sky: Shaymin was created.  I haven't been able to find out anything about the Pokemon 11th Movie, because the only thing people have done about it is post trailers of it that they found online, so regrettably that's all that I'll have, too...

Hope you like it!  This will also be under the Pokemon Videos! link in the Navigation bar, just to let you know.

 This is the official Pokemon the 11th movie trailer.  And yes, I do know that it repeats itself, but there's two seperate trailers, so don't stop it until you know you've already seen what it's showing.

This is another trailer that I found for Pokemon the 11th Movie, and it isn't the same as the one before it.  And the really cool thing is the person that posted it translated it from Japanese into English! 

This is the new 21 seconds long trailer for the 12th Pokemon Movie!!!  OMG!

Pokemon Platinum is coming!

The new Nintendo DS game Pokemon Platinum is coming in Early Summer of 2009 or later!  The reason I'm not sure, is because it's just come out in Japan!!  Aparently it's an awesome game, and that the Pokemon loving people of Japan love it! 

The game inevitably starts in a similar manner to Diamond and Pearl. You get to choose a playable avatar from two characters -- a boy or a girl -- and then the introduction begins. Once the formalities are out of the way, you're given the choice of three starter Pokémon, who are presented to you initially as Pokéballs held in the suitcase of a benefactor: Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup. And thus the adventure begins, again through the kingdom of Sinnoh. It's worth noting, though, that the game progresses quite differently to Diamond/Pearl, with different objectives and quests as well as countless minor changed details, such as the new snowy winter environment of Sinnoh and the revitalised appearance of many Pokémon.

Early on you get to travel from the summit of Mt. Coronet to a place called the Torn World, where everything is literally upside-down. Adventuring in this area puts an unusual twist on the action, making it feel more like a platformer than a wanderer RPG. Platforms in the Torn World are contorted and rotated like some of the gravity-defying areas of Super Mario Galaxy. It's here in the Torn World that Giratina switches from its Diamond/Pearl incarnation to its Original Form, becoming a kind of winged hovering monster that is invulnerable to ground attacks.

For the obsessive Pokémon players who have just gotta catch them all, Pokémon Platinum's calling card is its line-up of five completely new, previously unseen Pokémon, all of which are variations of Rotom.  

Below are the five new forms of Rotom!!   

Rotom Frost Form

This Rotom is called the Frost Rotom because it's a freezer, as you can see!

Rotom Spin Form

This Rotom is called Spin Rotom because it's in the shape of a fan!

Rotom Heat Form

This Rotom is called Heat Rotom because it's in the shape of a microwave, which is kind of cool! 

Rotom Wash Form

This Rotom is called Wash Rotom because it's in the shape of a Washer, get it?

Rotom Cut Form

This Rotom is in the shape of a lawn mower, that cuts stuff.

Continued from "Pokemon Platinum is coming!"

 It's not really enough to just buy Platinum and play the game. For example, there's a new form for Shaymin, the Legendary Pokémon, but it's only accessible to those who first download Shaymin to their Diamond- or Pearl-loaded DS at the cinema while watching the latest Pokémon movie. Only then, having bought Platinum as well and rushed to meet a September 30th deadline(In Japan, thought you might like to know this), can players receive a Gracidia Flower item that transforms Shaymin, transferred across from Pokémon Diamond or Pearl, into its Sky Form.

A similar example of the dedication players need to show just to get the complete package is in the downloading of Regigigas to Diamond/Pearl, which required that players reserve tickets to the latest Pokémon movie(number 11, featuring Giratina, Japan only for now); only after transferring Regigigas from Diamond/Pearl to Platinum do three Legendary Pokémon (Regirock, Registeel and Regice) show up in Pokémon Platinum. As ever, following Pokémon is demanding work and Platinum adds even more to fans' "To do" lists.

It's not all a ruse, though. Pokémon Platinum lets you import your Pokémon from the Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red and Leaf Green GBA games, so players who didn't make the jump from GBA to DS last time around (with Diamond and Pearl) are still made to feel welcome by Platinum. There are some features here that are freely available to anyone who pays the basic Platinum entry fee. For example, Wi-Fi play represents a big part of Pokémon Platinum and it's been generously expanded over and above what was available in the same areas of Diamond and Pearl. Pokémon Emerald's Battle Frontier mode, accessible after challenging in Pokémon Leagues, makes a welcome comeback. Battles between players are set up so that you'll generally be pitted against Pokémon and trainers of a similar level, which ensures fair fighting and guarantees plenty of opportunities for victories and level-ups, which are reason enough to keep on playing Platinum online.

New Wi-Fi features include a Wi-Fi Plaza mode and a Global Terminal. The Wi-Fi Plaza is located in the basement of Platinum's Pokémon Center and is kind of a virtual meeting place for groups of Pokémon trainers. In fact, each Plaza can hold as many as 20 players. You can form groups within the group and enjoy online multiplayer mini-games, which are controlled with the touch-pen and are great for a break from the normal ebb and flow of Pokémon activities. In one such mini-game you need to keep a clown balanced atop a rolling ball, while other challenges have you blowing up balloons by tapping a touch-screen pump and flicking marbles from the touch-screen at targets on the upper display. You only get to visit the Wi-Fi Plaza for a limited period of time, and fireworks displays and carnival parades occur when your visiting time is almost up. There's also a message board in the Plaza, where you can leave notes for future visitors in an Animal Crossing style.  Pretty cool, huh?


A Global Trade System can be accessed via the Global Terminal. The GTS, as it's abbreviated, is Pokémon Platinum's very own version of eBay, complete with a search function and the option to have trade-related emails forwarded to your PC, phone or Wii mail address, so you can stay in touch with what's happening on that front even when you're away from the DS.

Unfortunately, some things never change with Pokémon, so those who are expecting a completely new style of play will of course be disappointed. Movement of your character around the world is always on the D-pad, which still feels a bit backwards after the wonderfully intuitive character control of first-party DS RPGs such as Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. The very act of walking feels a bit clumsy, too, as your character effectively moves from one invisible square on a grid to the adjacent invisible square with every push of the D-pad -- it doesn't feel very precise at all. Such basic gripes aren't rectified in Platinum, so we'll likely have to wait for the next evolution of the series to see any real structural reform.

Still, DS owners who got big kicks from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will inevitably want to check out the final English-language version of Platinum for its new features, additional Pokémon and -- of course -- for much more of the same winning Pokémon formula.

Below are pictures of the new Giratina and Shaymin forms also for you!

See you next week!

Giratina, the King of Darkness Unveiled!

This new Giratina is unaffected by Ground and Earth attacks, and has new "wings".

Shaymin in it's Almighty Sky Form!

This is Shaymin in it's new and improved Sky Form, although it's wings look like tiny moose antlers!

Here's the New Pokemon game Platinum!

It's in Japanese because it hasn't come out in English yet...

Pokemon tournaments are coming soon, so don't miss 'em!

The Pokemon Tournament called Autumn Road is going on October 4, 2008, and if your intrested in signing up, click on this Link and click Decklist, and to find out the Locations click on times,date,and locations:  Also the series Daimond and Pearl Stormfront prerelease tournaments are going on also, from October 24, 2008, through November 2nd, 2008.  It's dates and locations link isn't quit finished, but you can still sign up.  Here's a link to that to:  Below I have included pictures of the leagues icons.  Don't miss them, because both are going to be killer Pokemon events!    

My Sites Very Own Logo!!

If your wondering and kind of mad this is another late post, it's because, truthfully, I forgot about Pokemon Universe until I remembered it during the middle of school, in Math class, and I was like OMG!  So if your wondering about the pikachu picture, It's because I've been looking at top ranked Pokemon sites, and they all had their own private logo, so I decided I would make my own!  It my not look like much, but it took forever before I got this Logo to look how I wanted it, and how it was suposed to look like, and yes I know it's not very impressive, but once my family buys more picture editing software, then I'll be able to really imprese everyone!
That's all for this week!  Oh ya, I fixed the New Series page, so that I could have unlimited space, so now the STORMFRONT articale is in there also for you!  See you next week!

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Stormfront is Here!

 This week I found something out that even I didn't know about, a new series called Diamond & Pearl Stormfront, and below is an articale I found on it.

With monsoon force and cyclone intensity, Pokemon is unleashing a storm on the world of trading card games with the brand-new Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) expansion Diamond & Pearl-Stormfront hitting outlets nationwide on November 5, 2008. This latest installment of the best-selling Pokemon TCG contains more than 100 cards featuring new Pokemon LV.X, including the Gripper Pokemon Dusknoir and Superpower Pokemon Machamp. Loaded with the latest Trainer cards, new game play options, and some of the most powerful Pokemon ever, Diamond & Pearl-Stormfront is guaranteed to change game strategy for Pokemon Trainers, collectors, and fans everywhere.Features of the new Pokemon Trading Card Game: Diamond & Pearl-Stormfront:

Powerful new Pokemon LV.X cards, including Dusknoir and Machamp Two theme decks built around the popular Gyarados and Tyranitar New strategies such as Trainer cards that can be played in pairs Theme decks and parallel set cards with an innovative look and holographic treatment.  Below is a picture of what the Packets will look like, and a picture of a cool logo I found for it.

Just to let you know, if you look there's a new song under Pokemon Music, it's the song from Pokemon The Rise of Darkrai, the one called Oracion, you know, the one that makes Palkia and Dalgia stop fighting.
Well, see you here next week at Pokemon Universe.  

The Winner of The Contest!

Sorry about this late update, but you see on Sunday in the morning my brother wouldn't get off the computer and when he did it was only to go help me and my dad chop down some trees in the woods by his deer tower, and then when we got home I had to help him rotatill his garden, and then after that we went hunting, and when we got back from that I had to wash up and go to bed...   So now you see why, and why I'm doing this know is because I just finally got home from school, so that's why I didn't update on Sunday if you're wondering...

Ok, now to get down to business, I would let you know if there was anything going on in the Pokemon World, but there's the problem, because there isn't anything happening right now, so all I got for you this week is the results from the poll, and just so you know that it's too late to vote now, so after tallying up the votes it seems that TURTWIG is the winner of the popularity contest, and just so you know my friends finally decided that Turtwig is better, along with the boost towards it from the result of the poll, but I still like Chimchar better...

Sorry, but that's all I got for right now unfortunately.... 

Oh, about the heading, if you're wondering, and Turtwigs name, they're both Leaf Green, for Turtwig winning the contest, you know, as a little reward for him...

Pokemon Popularity Contest!

If your wondering why the title is Pokemon Popularity Contest, it's because I decided to take a vote on which Pokemon is more popular as a starter, Turtwig or Chimchar, because all my friends are aruging about it also!  Personally I think Chimchar, but it's your votes that count!  To vote just go to Contact, type in your favorite Pokemon and a reason why you think it's better.  You don't have to type why you like it if you don't want to, but I wouldn't mind if you did...  Below I have a picture of each, so that if you want to decide, you can just look at them and their stats!  Also I wrote down all the attacks that they each can learn by themselves also. On the next weeks update at the end I'll write down which Pokemon is more popular.  Also I will not be voting, so which ever one that wins was picked by my viewers.  Just to remind you, you can still just send me a message or a question if you want!   


Here are the moves Chimchar can learn, and the levels at which he learns them.

Base:Scratch     Base:Leer      7:Ember     9:Taunt      15:Fury Swipes       17:Flame Wheel       23:Nasty Plot

25:Torment      31:Facade       33:Fire Spin    39:Slack Off       41:Flamethrower      Also Chimchar evolves at lv. 14


Here are the moves turtwig can learn, and the levels at which he learns them.

Base:Tackle    5:Withdraw   9:Absorb   13:Razor Leaf    17:Curse     21:Bite     25:Mega Drain       29:Lech Seed

33:Synthesis       37:Crunch      41:Giga Drain        45:Leaf Storm                          Also Turtwig evolves at level 18.

Pokemon Universe is Up and Running!

If you are reading this you are on a Pokemon website that is brand new and has lots of Info on pokemon and news about what's going on in the pokemon world! It also has information on new pokemon series and other pokemon related stuff.  This is the first publishing that I've done, so it might not be perfect though...   

Here's a cool pokemon picture I found online! I Also found some cool pictures of some legendaries!

Also this site is updated every Sunday, so come back soon!


This is a really cool picture of Raquaza!


Entei in Pokemon 3 the movie!