Pokemon Arceus

Stepping out of ancient times comes a Pokémon so mighty that legends say it shaped the Pokémon universe!  Trainers everywhere can prepare to harness and wield the awesome power of the new legendary Alpha Pokémon Arceus with the arrival of the all-new Pokémon Trading Card Game: Platinum—Arceus expansion. Multiple Energy types of Arceus, such as Fire, Lightning, and Grass, will have opponents preparing for the devastation of fantastic new attacks.

Features of the new Pokémon TCG: Platinum—Arceus:

  • Introducing the new Alpha Pokémon Arceus
  • Collect multiple versions of Arceus—one of every single Energy type!
  • Discover new Pokémon LV.X cards, including 3 Arceus LV.X!
Fantastic Fossils!
The Platinum—Arceus expansion revives the familiar Fossil Trainer cards Old Amber (89/99), Dome Fossil (92/99), and Helix Fossil (93/99). These cards are part-Trainer card and part-Pokémon—offering extra versatility to all styles of play. In addition, these Fossils start the evolutionary process that ends with excellent Pokémon such as Aerodactyl and Kabutops!

It’s All about Arceus!
The Platinum—Arceus expansion is named as it is for a good reason: the Alpha Pokémon appears just about everywhere! There are nine Basic Arceus, one for each Energy type and each possessing its own unique attacks. There are also three Arceus LV.X that can Level-Up any of the Basic Arceus. Add Arceus-specific Stadium and Trainer cards, and you have the makings of an Arceus-themed deck to be reckoned with!

A Gaggle of Gengar!
Gengar enjoys huge popularity among Pokémon TCG players, and the Platinum—Arceus expansion will make sure that this continues by offering a complete set of Gengar and its pre-evolutions! The expansion offers Gastly, two Haunter variants, and two different Gengar. And, as if those weren’t enough, once a Gengar is in play, Trainers will be able to introduce a fearsome Gengar LV.X to the game! With numerous available combinations, the creation of a powerful and flexible deck has never been easier!