Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Stormfront is Coming to Storm the Stores Soon!

With monsoon force and cyclone intensity, Pokemon is unleashing a storm on the world of trading card games with the brand-new Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) expansion Diamond & Pearl-Stormfront hitting outlets nationwide on November 5, 2008. This latest installment of the best-selling Pokemon TCG contains more than 100 cards featuring new Pokemon LV.X, including the Gripper Pokemon Dusknoir and Superpower Pokemon Machamp. Loaded with the latest Trainer cards, new game play options, and some of the most powerful Pokemon ever, Diamond & Pearl-Stormfront is guaranteed to change game strategy for Pokemon Trainers, collectors, and fans everywhere.Features of the new Pokemon Trading Card Game: Diamond & Pearl-Stormfront: Powerful new Pokemon LV.X cards, including Dusknoir and Machamp Two theme decks built around the popular Gyarados and Tyranitar New strategies such as Trainer cards that can be played in pairs Theme decks and parallel set cards with an innovative look and holographic treatment