A New Pokemon Season Premeries February 12th!

Get ready for all-new adventures with Ash, Pikachu, and a whole new world of Pokémon!

Join Ash as he meets new friends and never-before-seen Pokémon in the Pokémon: Black & White season on Cartoon Network! Watch the young Trainer and his partner Pikachu explore the distant Unova region with his new friend Iris. He'll also meet a new rival, Trip, as well as lots of incredible Pokémon he's never seen before. He'll need to put all of his Trainer skills to the test to challenge Unova's expert Gym Leaders!

The new season begins at 9 a.m. Saturday, February 12th. Then tune in every Saturday morning at the same time to watch new episodes. To start the season off right, Cartoon Network will be showing the first two episodes back-to-back, so be sure to watch for the whole hour!

There's even more Pokémon action to watch during the week! Don't miss Pokémon episodes starring Ash, Brock, and Dawn in the Sinnoh region at 8 a.m. Monday through Friday.

Tune in to Cartoon Network at 9 a.m. February 12th for the exciting premiere of Pokémon: Black & White!

Pokemon: Zoroark, Master of Illusions Movie Information

The Fury of Zoroark Has Been Unleashed!

The Pokémon Baccer World Cup.

It is the most anticipated event of the year, and as hundreds flock to Crown City to watch the exciting competition unfold, Ash, Pikachu, and his friends encounter a mysterious new Pokémon they have never seen before.

But when the three Legendary Pokémon Raikou, Entei, and Suicune suddenly arrive and begin rampaging through the streets, it’s up to Ash and his companions, along with their new Pokémon friend Zorua, to uncover the secret behind the immense and powerful forces at work.

What strange and dangerous powers are afoot in Crown City? Why did Celebi suddenly return after vanishing for twenty years? And why is the mighty Zoroark unleashing its fury upon the town? The quest for these answers leads down an uncertain path filled with peril—can Ash and his companions find enough courage, strength, and friendship to unearth the mystery in time to save Crown City?

Release Date: February 2011

A New Season Of Pokemon Starts Soon!

Get ready for exciting new Pokémon adventures, starting June 5 on Cartoon Network!

All new adventures for Ash, Dawn, and Brock are about to begin as Pokémon: DP Sinnoh League Victors gets underway! Watch as the trio travel across the Sinnoh region to face challenges, battles, and the antics of Team Rocket! With Team Galactic out of the way, Ash can now focus on qualifying for the Sinnoh League. And Dawn will train to compete for her final Contest Ribbon, which would allow her to compete in the Grand Festival! In addition, look forward to appearances by amazing Pokémon wherever they go!

Pokémon: DP Sinnoh League Victors kicks off on Saturday, June 5, at 7 A.M. ET on Cartoon Network. Don't miss all the exciting Pokémon action!

After the season premiere, keep watching Cartoon Network to view a Pokémon movie marathon throughout the day! A trio of movies--Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai, Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior, and Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life--begins showing at 11 A.M. and will air until 5 P.M. Be sure to tune in and kick off the new season with an amazing movie-marathon event!

During the season, be sure to check Pokemon.com each week for a look at what to expect in the upcoming episodes. Also, catch up with episodes you may have missed with a synopsis of every episode aired!

Run To Your TV for a Pokemon Marathon!

Tune in this Saturday, March 13th, for an epic lineup of Pokémon episodes on Cartoon Network!

This Saturday, beginning at 10 A.M., Cartoon Network heads to the Johto Region with six exciting episodes from Pokémon Season 3! Follow Ash, Brock, and Misty as they discover amazing Pokémon and participate in breathtaking battles, as well as square off against the nefarious Team Rocket!

Then, immediately following the Pokémon marathon, Cartoon Network is showing the second Pokémon movie, Pokémon: The Movie 2000 at 1 P.M. Go on an incredible adventure through the Orange Islands to find the Legendary Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres—and, finally, the extraordinary Pokémon Lugia!

The marathon starts at 10 A.M. this Saturday, March 13th, on Cartoon Network. Be sure to catch all the exciting Pokémon animation all day Saturday!


2010 Pokemon TCG world Championships

The 2010 Pokémon TCG World Championships is THE Premier Event of the year! Only players who receive invitations via their National Championships, Premier Rating, or performance at the 2009 World Championships are permitted to play in this event. Additionally, top-ranked players in the Last Chance Qualifier will receive an invitation to participate in the 2010 World Championships. The event will host top players from around the world competing for the title of Pokémon TCG World Champion and for scholarships worth up to $7,500.

The Pokémon TCG World Championships will be held on August 14th & 15th, 2010 at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, located at 69-42 Waikoloa Beach Drive, Waikoloa, Hawaii.

2010 National Championships

The Pokémon TCG U.S. National Championships is a sanctioned title event open to all U.S. resident players in good standing and is run using the Age Separated Swiss format. The National Championships is the first Worlds qualifier event. Winners receive scholarships worth up to $5,000 and an invite and Travel Award to the 2010 World Championships. Check back for dates and locations for the 2010 National Championships.

2010 Battle Road Spring Tournements

The Battle Road series is designed to provide players with small, entry-level events on a local scale. Battle Road Spring tournaments give players another opportunity to work on their premier ratings, potentially earning an invite to Worlds. Hundreds of these special events begin in May.

2009 -2010 Regional Championships

The 2009–2010 Pokémon TCG Regional Championships divide the U.S. and Canada into large regions, giving players the opportunity to earn scholarships up to $1500 and even a Travel Award to their respective National Championships! Held in cities across the U.S. and Canada, each Regional Championship is part of a title event series where players compete to earn the title of Regional Champion! Results of the Regional Championships can give a serious boost to a player’s Premier Ratings and chances of getting into the 2010 World Championships in Waikoloa, Hawaii.

2009 - 2010 State/Province/Territory Championships

Following City Championship events are the 2009–2010 Pokémon TCG State/Province/Territory Championships, the next step toward the 2010 World Championships in Waikoloa, Hawaii. Think you have what it takes to be one of the top three? Here’s your chance to prove it and at the same time earn a trophy and other awesome prizes that show your accomplishment. These events are held in several cities in North America and across the globe. Each State/Province/Territory Championship is part of a title event series where players compete to earn the title of Champion! Results of the State/Province/Territory Championships count toward your Premier Rating.

2009 - 2010 City Championships

The 2009-2010 Pokémon TCG City Championships are the first event in the Championship Series, culminating at the 2010 World Championships in Waikoloa, Hawaii. Each City Championship is part of a title event series where players compete to earn the title of Champion! These events will be held in hundreds of cities across the world. Results of the City Championships count toward your Priemer Rating.

Pokemon Giratina and the Sky Warrior!

As you probably well know, the movie Giratina and the Sky Warrior has finally premiered in America, bringing with it Shatmin, Giratina, and Regiggas's first time in a Pokemon movie in America!  If you ask me, Regiggas's apperance in the movie was pretty neat, a hand coming out of the ground and him walking out of like an ancient tomb, and his timing by holding back the mountain to buy Ash, Shaymin, and Giratina enough time to resucuer it in the Reverse World, also saving hundreds of lives in the process.  I think pokemon Giratina and the Sky Warrior was the best pokemon movie ever!

 Pokemon Stormfront Pre-release Tournament and Battle Road Autumn 08-09 Tournaments. 

 The Pokemon Tournament called Autumn Road is going on October 4, 2008, and if your intrested in signing up, click on this Link and click Decklist, and to find out the Locations click on times,date,and locations:http://www.go-pokemon.com/op/premierevents/championshipseries/battleroad/autumn/.  Also the series Daimond and Pearl Stormfront prerelease tournaments are going on also, from October 24, 2008, through November 2nd, 2008.  It's dates and locations link isn't quit finished, but you can still sign up.  Here's a link to that to: http://www.go-pokemon.com/op/premierevents/prereleases/.  Below I have included pictures of the leagues icons.  Don't miss them, because bothe are going to be killer Pokemon events!

New Epidsodes of Pokemon every weekend!

Just so you know, as you probably do, that their's a new Pokemon Episode every Saturday from 7:30 to 8:00, and then sometimes the episode before that will show, and then it's transformers animated or something, I don't really care about that stuff.

Pokemon Labor Day Marathon!

I don't know if you know, but I was watching TV yesterday, and I saw a commercial for a Pokemon Marathon on Labor day with Pokemon Episodes starting at 7 o-clock in the morning and ending at 7 o-clock in the afternoon, and then the premier of the new Pokemon short movie Mystery Dungeon rescue team or somthing like that at  7 o-clock, and then at 8 after that is the Pokemon Movie The Rise of Darkrai!  It's gonna be awesome!  Just in case you don't know, Labor day is on September 1st, or Monday, just so you don't miss it.